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A tour along the Taranto seafront


Taranto is the pearl of the Ionian Sea. This video tells a tour on the magnificent seafront of the city, starting from the beginning of the Lungomare Vittorio Emanuele III.

Explore Taranto's magnificent waterfront 


If you are looking to explore a beautiful and unique waterfront in Europe, look no further than Taranto, Puglia. This port city is located along the Ionian Sea in southern Italy and has a long history dating back to ancient Greek times. In recent years, Taranto's waterfront has been transformed into a lively area full of attractions to explore. Join us on a sightseeing tour to explore some of the most spectacular attractions of this beautiful Italian waterfront.  

Body of the blog: Our journey begins at the beginning of the Vittorio Emanuele III seafront. Here you can admire the sweeping sea views from a different angle and understand why this area is so special. During the walk, do not forget to appreciate the Fountain of the Wind Rose, located nearby and which is said to have been created by a local stonemason for his wife.

Then, head towards the Marinai d'Italia roundabout, overlooked by one of the symbols of Taranto: the Government Palace. This structure has stood since 1912, when it was built in colonial times, and today serves as the city's important government building. From here you can also admire other nearby monuments, such as the Sailor's Monument, which stands against the backdrop of white sand beaches and sparkling blue waters.  

Monument to the Sailor - Taranto

Then cross the swing bridge of San Francesco Da Paola, from which you will enjoy an even more breathtaking view, before heading towards the Aragonese Castle and the square overlooks both the Old Town and the New Town of Taranto, two areas rich in history and culture that are well worth exploring! Finally, take some time in the Piazza to admire the waterfront from above before continuing your exploration of this incredibly beautiful part of Italy.


A trip to Taranto wouldn't be complete without exploring its magnificent waterfront! From monuments to fountains, there are many sites that will leave you in awe during your sightseeing tour of this beautiful port city. Whether it's your first visit or your 20th, walking along this beautiful Italian waterfront is sure to be an experience that will stay with you for years to come!

So grab your camera and set off on an unforgettable adventure: it's time to find out what makes Taranto such a special place!

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