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Discovering the Aragonese Castle of Otranto


When I recently visited the city of Otranto, in the province of Lecce (Puglia), I was amazed by its incredible historical monuments. One of the most spectacular sites is the Aragonese Castle. It is truly a sight to behold, with its polygonal towers and walls offering a breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea.

This medieval fortress has an interesting history and was once a strategic lighthouse for ships sailing towards the Ionian Sea. Whether you are interested in exploring its unique architecture or simply want to relax while taking in some of its spectacular panoramic views, this remarkable monument is not to be missed! 

Castle Entrance

The Aragonese Castle was built in 1485 by King Ferdinand II of Aragon for defensive purposes against the Ottoman Empire. Its strategic position at the entrance to the port of Otranto made it an ideal place to protect against possible invasions from the sea and served as a key element in defending southern Italy from foreign powers. Today, visitors can still marvel at this remarkable fortress and explore its fascinating history. 

The thick walls are still strong after centuries of wear and tear and have withstood sieges that would have destroyed most other strongholds. Within these walls lies a treasure trove of knowledge and beauty waiting to be explored. 

Visit the museum 

As well as exploring the castle itself, visitors can also take advantage of its fantastic museum. Located within one of the castle's towers, this museum offers a unique insight into local history through displays of Roman artifacts and other archaeological finds from nearby areas. With such an abundance of fascinating finds to explore, it might be hard to tear yourself away from this place!  

Visitors can also explore the surrounding area, where there are gardens, terraces and other attractions such as a nautical museum dedicated to the naval history of the port city. In addition, there are several restaurants nearby where visitors can stop for lunch or dinner after visiting this incredible site! 


Visiting the Aragonese Castle of Otranto is an unmissable experience for anyone traveling in Puglia who wants to get to know the rich cultural heritage of Salento and be inspired by its incredible history. This remarkable monument stands proud at the entrance to Otranto and serves as an unforgettable reminder of Puglia's rich cultural heritage. 

Whether you are interested in exploring its unique architecture or simply want to relax while admiring some of its spectacular defensive towers, so be sure to add it to your travel itinerary when visiting Otranto: you won't regret it!

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