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A day among the trulli of Alberobello


Alberobello is one of the most popular destinations in the world because it is a characteristic place, sometimes magical and almost fairytale-like, worthy of a postcard.

The municipality is part of the Valle d'Itria, a large historical stretch located between the cities of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto. Alberobello is the heart of the Apulian hinterland and is waiting to be discovered.
In order not to miss a single corner of the town, I offer you a personal guide.

The walk among the trulli

As far as you know the area, it's always a pleasure to go back.
We start walking among the trulli; characteristic structures of the area with a conical shape, made of dry stone.
The entire city center is made up of trulli and walking in this setting is something unique. You can admire the colors and breathe the smells of ancient traditions. Typical products and handcrafted objects can be purchased in the shops that surround you.

The trulli are particularly fascinating also for their historical side with esoteric traits. However today, symbols made with lime milk are attributed to luck, family and vigilance.

Walking along the narrow streets, among the trulli you will notice the Siamese, located along the steps of Via Monte Nero. Protagonists of a legend narrating of two brothers in love with the same woman. The peculiarity of the building are two entrances facing opposite sides but with communicating interiors. 

Trulli Alberobello

The little shops of Rione Monti

The emblem of the town is the church of S. Antonio da Padova, which can be reached by climbing the Rione Monti, the hub of small shops. You will find yourself in front of a tree with a crucifix-shaped trunk. The structure is very characteristic and picturesque; full of frescoes and honorary statues of saints. The curiosity linked to the construction concerns the timing: the church was built in just 14 months.
Staying on the subject of districts, one of the oldest is that of the Aia Piccola, which meant 'threshing the wheat in the square'. It is an uncontaminated corner of the tourist Alberobello

The section between the church of S. Antonio and the Aia Piccola is identified as 'down to Foggia'; a basin where once the rainwater was deposited. Today it is the most open point, appreciated by children who can run around freely. The 'Foggia' connects the 5 most important alleys of the village.

There are more than 1500 trulli but you will visit them effortlessly. Among these you will not be able to see the ruler of the trulli: the most majestic in the area, located a few steps from the Cathedral of Saints Cosma and Damiano; another essential destination. Its height derives from the construction erected on two floors. The history of Trullo Sovrano is divided into two historical parts, today it is a house museum where you can discover the history and particularities of the village.

Trulli Alberobello
Photo tour among the trulli of Alberobello

What to eat in Alberobello

After walking around and breathing in the popular air, you will begin to feel peckish. After all, how can you resist culinary traditions in Puglia?

At this point you will have two choices: continue the journey towards Piazza del Popolo, where the Monumento dei Caduti stands out and stop in the more modern part of Alberobello for a chic aperitif, or postpone this stage to post lunch.
Personally, I preferred to have lunch with my travel companions in Via Montenero, at a typical local restaurant-winery, also in terms of design.

Eating in Puglia is a guarantee and after relaxing and gaining a couple of kilos within an hour and a half, we were ready to continue the tour.

Alberobello is the heart of the Apulian hinterland and is waiting to be discovered.

When you are on a full stomach you need to stop for a moment and it is here that the scenario proposed by the Belvedere Terrace in Piazza Giangirolamo II D'Acquaviva D'Aragona acquires an added value.  The skyline characterized by cones and pinnacles is something unique and spectacular. This is confirmed by a writing by Pierpaolo Pasolini published in 1951. 

After admiring the view, you can get back on the road to work off the calorie overload by walking along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the meeting point par excellence for the Alberobello residents, on Sunday morning. The course leads to the church of SS. Medici, near Piazza Del Popolo. I advised you to leave the modern part for after lunch. Here, my friends and I treated ourselves to a coffee and between one chat and another, it was getting dark. A little tired but totally fascinated by the place, we decided to stay overnight. 

As a fan of the trulli we could not have avoided the advice of a Alberobello local: Sciit da TrulliiHollidei!

Yes, we made an online reservation at the hotel in trulli.

Naturally in the evening we were overwhelmed by the inviting smell coming from the chip shops in the surroundings, falling back into temptation. We tasted the panzerotto, irreparably inebriating our taste buds.
Now tired but happy, we went to sleep in our trullo.

Sleeping in a trullo

The interior is larger than expected from the outside. The dimensions are approximately those of a studio flat. The structure has been restored but maintains its original features, allowing those staying there to fully experience Puglia, savoring its most ancient essence. 
The peculiarity of the trullo is the temperature. Thanks to the thickness of the walls, the environment is cooler in summer and warmer in winter. 

The trullo is the perfect location to enjoy the surrounding area, in a romantic atmosphere; alternatively, on the outskirts of Alberobello, hidden among the olive trees, there are the lamias, rustic buildings with a characteristic vaulted roof.
The beauty and antiquity won us over but the kindness of the hosts was no less.

It was a particular experience, yet capable of giving us a feeling of security; as if we had known that place forever. Opening our eyes to the scenario proposed by the ceiling in  smooth limestone, we got ready for breakfast: varied and plentiful, as well as super tasty. We were ready to leave but first we allowed ourselves an hour of relaxation, taking advantage of the hydromassage tub.

At the end of the tour, there is no doubt: Puglia never disappoints! 

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